Field Trip

This is the post excerpt.


Yesterday, I went to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana.  I saw a headless mummy.  Then, I saw a family of mummies.  There were a lot of baby mummies.  It was a very good day and I had a lot of fun!

baby mummy
It was so sad seeing the baby mummies.  They used to squish their skulls when they were young to make them longer because they thought it was more beautiful.


Today we might go to Knott’s Berry Farm with Sarah, John, and Kate, but we’d better watch out….. Oliver knows where we’re going, he’s learned to hack into our computer and can see what our plans are.  Lately, he has been sneaking into the trunk and surprising us wherever we go.

Today, we don’t want to bring him, but we don’t know how to outsmart him.  So we called the experts, The Outsmarting Experts, and they said it’s impossible to outsmart Oliver.  It’s a first, they’ve never had this happen before.

If he comes, people should be concerned.  There is an excellent possibility that he will eat his way through the lines so he can ride the rides first.  He’s very greedy that way.


Not Happy

Yesterday my Grandma came to visit for two weeks, but she only got to stay for one day and a night.  Can you guess why?  The usual suspect…Oliver.

When she arrived Oliver was so happy that he ran over to her and broke both of her arms and three of her fingers.  Grandma didn’t care because she is so nice, but she was in really bad pain.  Then we had dinner.  He jumped on the table and scarfed it all up before we could even have a bite.

So we were all REALLY hungry and figured we would go into the pantry.  Oliver had eaten every bit of food and left us something in return.  Can you figure out what it was?  Poop.

So that night, Oliver broke out of his cage, ran upstairs, and broke the door down where Grandma was sleeping.  He ate her.

When we woke up we found Oliver lying in Grandma’s bed with a lump the size of Grandma in his belly.

Before you might not have believed me because he is so cute, but now you know the truth.  He really is a beast and we’re still hungry.

He’s a master manipulator–don’t trust him for a minute.


Ian’s Birthday

Tomorrow is Ian’s birthday.  He wants to go hunting with our grandpa and our dad, but we don’t know where to go around here and whether he’s old enough.  If he doesn’t end up hunting, he will have a birthday party with some of his friends at K-1 Speed or maybe a Nerf gun war someplace.

I want him to pick K-1 Speed because I’ve never been there before and I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.  There’s only one problem–it’s really expensive.  And where will Oliver go while we’re gone?!  He’ll just be slacking in his bed all day.  The only exercise he’ll get will be when we get home and he rams his head into the door and jumps on us.  Then sadly Ian will fall down like he always does and his birthday will be ruined.  Then Oliver will eat him.

Lia’s Interview

  1. What is your favorite color and why?  Red because it reminds me of hearts.
  2. What is your favorite thing to do and why?  Paint because I can make books.  I outline then paint the inside.
  3. What is the best vacation you’ve been on?  Belize, except for the caves because there were killer bees in one.  I was stung by a bee and it hurt.  In the other caves there was too much water and it was cold.  I did like kayaking though.
  4. What is your favorite book?  Beauty and the Beast.
  5. What candy do you hate the most?  The kind that is green and is only sugar.  It tastes horrible.
  6. What is your favorite body part?  Probably my heart because it keeps me alive.
  7. What is your favorite part on Oliver?  Probably his head because it’s cute.
  8. If you could do anything today what would it be?  Win the lottery and buy a lot of toys.  If I had too many things I would give them to people that didn’t have enough money.

Dog Care-FAQs-Frequenty Asked Questions


How often should you feed your dog?

You should feed your dog one time per day so it doesn’t get fat and lumpy.  If it gets fat and lumpy you won’t be able to play with it.

What should you feed your dog?

If it has good behavior, then give it the scraps from your dinner.  Mine barfs, but he really likes scraps.  My mom doesn’t let me give my dog table food, but someday I’m going to let my dog eat all of the table scraps that he wants.

How often should you play with your dog?

Ten times per day for at least one hour each time.

Dog poop?

You have to pick up the poop with a bag. It’s warm and squishy and really gross.

Is dressing up your dog in clothing OK?

Yes!  In fact, I’m dressing up my dog as a bat for Halloween.  He doesn’t like it, but he looks really cute, so it’s fine.


Comparing Public to Home School

I used to go to public school, but after a few years there I was getting bored.  Then, I thought of homeschool and I asked my mom, she said OK.  When I started homeschooling this year, I realized it was a lot better for me because it makes learning fun.

Here is a list of the pros and cons of both schools.

Public School


  • I had a  lot of friends there
  • Really nice teachers
  • It’s a big school
  • Fun class parties


  • There is a lot of illness, it’s easy to catch a lot of different bugs
  • It’s a long day
  • Lots of homework
  • Only 1 field trip per year
  • Short holiday breaks
  • It’s boring to stay in a classroom all day
  • Bullies



  • Nice teachers
  • Nice kids
  • It’s fun; lots of field trips
  • I’m learning about more things
  • Long holidays
  • Get to see my mom more
  • Don’t get sick as often


  • Sailing age is too high–my sister can’t do it yet
  • No snack

I liked my other school, but I like homeschooling a lot more.  It’s a ton of fun and I like learning!

Oliver the Zombie

Today, my grandma said we could play zombie.  Zombie is a game that we made up where you try to run across the hall and a zombie hides behind a door.  If you run and she touches you with two hands or grabs you, then you have to go into prison.  To get out of prison someone has to run and touch you, then you have 5 seconds to get out.  Oliver really likes to play with us.  He attacks us and bites our legs.  He truly loves it.

So when were playing today, I was going to run across the hall, but my dog, Oliver, chased me and grabbed my leg and made me fall.  It hurt, but was so fun!  I think he won.

Do not be deceived by his friendly face.  It’s all fake.